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Musical Storyteller - WILMA Magazine by Johanna Cano

"EMILY ROTH’s music seeks to tell stories of a moment, a feeling, or any other experience that listeners can identify with.

Roth is a Wilmington singer and songwriter, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, whose dedication to music started at a young age."


“I grew up taking chorus classes, singing for my family, and constantly trying to convince my sister and my friends to write songs with me,” Roth says. “I picked up an old guitar, and I taught myself about four or five chords. I practiced for hours. I played until my fingers began to bleed, and then I’d bandage them so I could keep playing.”

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SEARCH FOR THE STARS: Young singer-songwriter Emily Roth brings a diary of songs to Duck and Dive... 

By Shannon Gentry at encore magazine


"For most artists it’s hard to label their work or style as any one thing; Roth is no different. Influences run the gamut and genres manifest in her work in various ways. She’s prone to modern jazz and 

dirty blues, a la Amy Winehouse. She’s also attracted to stories from country music legends like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. I love the styles and power behind Stevie Nicks and Grace Potter,” she tells of her rock influences. “I try to take a little inspiration from each, put them together in every aspect of the artist I am, and make it my own. . . . I feel I have somehow tied all of it together to create my sound and style.”

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